Smart Palm Carrier For Modern Farmer

Ironman Smart Palm Carrier is also named palm fruit loader or Mini Tractor for palm fruit. Comparing effectiveness of manual harvest(4ton per day) in Field Collection of FFB, our palm fruit dump bucket reaches 15ton productivity per day.

Ironman Palm Carrier Palm Fruit Dumper Palm Fruit Harvest Truck

Why Our Palm Dumpers
Outlasts Others in Global Market

Our equipment have been serving overseas for more than 12years by just replacing easily worn parts.

Appearance Innovation

Our oil fruit truck defeat others on driving shield coated with both sufficient primer paint and finish paint, luxury seat, cool engine cover and casing.

Safety Consideration

Our Palm Oil Fruits Transport Crawl Dumper Tractor has been improved by unique protection system for driver, lights, hydraulic parts, wheels and bucket.

Size Optimization

Nobody like us on calculating even 1cm size impact of our mini tractor for oil palm fruit since we can load 6units 3ton type dumpers in 40HQ container.


Welded oil tank, fuel tank, driving platform change to modular type which can be dismantled soonest after finding any problems inside the dumper.


We ever tried N130 gearbox on our PC10L dumpers but gear shifting was unsmooth. That’s why now we change into Toyota auto gearbox to comfort driving.


OTR Tires are mostly used on our construction dumpers, however floating tires are installed on PC10L and PC20L etc. to satisfy palm fruit muddy field.

How to Harvest Palm Fruit

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Labor time of palm fresh fruit bunches (FFB): 30 minutes per field. Weighing as cooperative: one morning or afternoon per kelompok. Transport time depends on the distance to the mill and the road condition.

Weighing and yield recording

Tripod with hanging scales are needed first. Tray or net to hold the oil palm fresh fruit bunches and the loose fruits. Then labors are entailed to use the long sickle or chisel to cut off..


Transport of palm oil fruit from the field to the collection place, we need PC10L dumper, PC20L dumper with scissor lift bucket or motorbike with carrying baskets.


Transport from the collection place to the mill, we need Good truck, but notice net to cover the truck, loading hooks or stakes, buckets or empty fertilizer bags for loose fruits.

Top Selling Countries

Ironman has been exporting palm fruit dumper since 2012.
Ironman engineers started dumper manufacture since 1980s.









88% of the world’s palm oil export market is firmly controlled by Indonesia and Malaysia. While Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Papua New Guinea, Colombia and other countries also produce and export a certain amount of palm oil.

Palm oil production now is the fastest growing among all kinds of vegetable oils and fats, and it has become the largest vegetable oil in the world today. In 2020, global palm oil production grew rapidly, reaching 75.69 million tons, an annual increase of 2.4%. It urges the higher efficiency of palm fruit harvesting.

Our Simple
Straight-Forward Pricing

We have various supporting method no matter on financially or technically.
Joint ventures are also possible, welcome to visit our factory and discuss..

Plus Plan



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  • Free Storage
  • 8hours Service
  • Free Loading
  • 1-3months Debts
  • Backup & Restore

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  • Free Design
  • 24hous Service
  • Free Website design
  • 3-9months Debts
  • Backup & Restore

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